Our Vision.


Sinor EMS continues to be operated by the Sinor family. We continue to share the basic vision of our ancestors which is to provide the highest quality care as quickly as possible with compassion for our patients and their families.

The "S" in EMS stands for Service. At the end of the day, we want to look back and know that during each and every call, we provided quality service. That can be as simple as making sure the door was closed on the way out to literally restarting a still heart.

TEAM SEMS members are a part of a family. Our company operates 24/7 and it takes special people who care about their neighbors and one another to make it work. Our staff loves (and sometimes fights) not unlike brothers and sisters. But at 2:00 am when the page goes off, they are there with a smile and a true concern to make sure that their patients receive the best care possible.

We share a purpose and a desire to make the company we love THE PLACE to be. It is our goal to grow Sinor EMS together so that our children will have the opportunity to be TEAM SEMS members themselves someday.

Company Profile

Tim and Linda Sinor

1965: “City Ambulance” was founded by Loyd “Buddy” Sinor in Elk City, Oklahoma when the local funeral home decided it was longer interested in providing emergent “care”. Buddy operated a donated Hurst Cadillac in a fashion of load-and-go with little or no care administered at the scene. In the following decade, as standards and practices developed, Buddy'’s son Tim joined the business and began an effort to modernize and grow the company into a model after which many start-up EMS agencies patterned themselves. Development of the business grew into contracts with surrounding communities such as Hobart, Sayre and Clinton, where the company eventually relocated its headquarters.

2011: Sinor EMS provides service to thousands of people all across western Oklahoma. With stations in Sayre, Hobart, Thomas, and Clinton, Sinor EMS responds to a 2,300 square mile service area unlike any other. Our company utilizes a comprehensive approach to treatment and transportation based on the needs of the call and community. With stations strategically located in the area, when an incident strikes a community, we are able to mobilize additional crews to the location to provide additional care and man-power so that the community is not left un-covered while the crisis is attended and those afflicted are transported to their appropriate care destinations.

Sinor EMS employs 24 full-time EMT's with an additional 6 administrative professionals at our headquarters in Clinton, OK.

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