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Whether you have insurance coverage or not, our annual membership has the best benefits.


Our Services


911 Response Services

SEMS provides superior 911 response service to its communities and surrounding areas - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Non-Emergency Service

Transfers to metro higher levels of care are a part of rural EMS. SEMS specializes in getting our folks the help they need when they need it.


EMT & CPR Training

As an Affiliate of the SWOSU Allied Health Department. We provide classes across multiple license levels in house as well as CPR training and certification to schools and businesses.


Event Standby & Support 

SEMS contracts for standbys at multiple events such as community gatherings and sports. We also partner with surrounding fire departments and emergency response agencies.


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Why Our Annual Membership Is the Best

When an accident or illness strikes, the last thing you need to be concerned with is the mounting costs of medical bills. Our membership takes your ambulance bill off of the list. For $69 per year, you and everyone in your home is covered. If you have questions or concerns, you have direct access to our staff by phone or in person at our office. We are here to help.


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SEMS Admin & Training Center

1101 West Frisco Ave. Clinton, OK 73601

EMS Director: Michelle Addington ext. 227 Mobile 580.331.7998

Operations Manager: Johnny Red ext. 231 Mobile 580.309.1555

Business Manager & HR: Anne Lambeth ext. 222

Patient Accounts: Shayla Schoeppach ext. 232

Supply/vendors: Judy James ext. 225

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