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SEMS Ambulance Membership

Ambulance Membership


This membership will expire on June 30, 2025

Membership Expires June 30, 2025

Who is this for?


Anyone who currently has insurance


Anyone who currently has no insurance


Any resident of the SEMS coverage area

What is Covered?


Copayments and deductibles fully covered


Uninsured emergency fee reduced to $100


Uninsured non-emergency and mileage fee reduced by 50%


Step #1

Fill Out the
Household Information Form

Step #2

Purchase the Membership Plan

Step #3

Feel Good About Protecting Yourself & Your Family

  • I have insurance. Do I still need to buy a membership?
    The membership completely covers the cost of your deductible and copayments for ambulance claims, and will also greatly reduce your out-of-pocket expense if your insurance denies coverage for an ambulance claim.
  • My spouse lives in a nursing home/assisted living center. Do we require separate memberships?
    Yes. Memberships cover all permanent residents of your household. If your spouse resides in a nursing home or assisted living facility, he/she will need to purchase a separate membership.
  • Will Sinor EMS provide ambulance service to me if I am not a member?
    Yes. Sinor EMS provides the same fast, professional 911 services to everyone in our service area, regardless of membership or financial status.
  • I have an ambulance/air membership with another company. Does that cover me with Sinor EMS?
    No. Memberships with other companies are independent from the Sinor EMS membership, and benefits from one do not transfer over to the other.

SEMS Membership Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Membership Fee is $69

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